Master These 5 Tips on How to be Funnier

Trying to make people laugh is not an easy task, let alone making a living out of it. Stand up comedians are always seeking for ways to perfect their craft. For people who decide to take standup comedy as a profession, they usually find themselves in front of tough crowds and have a question:“how do I make my comedy material funnier?”

This article offers 5 tips on how to be funnier.



Deliver Jokes in Funny Gesture


Whenever you make jokes, remember to deliver them in a funny gesture. If you say jokes like you are reading them, then expect only a few people to laugh. The main punch will always be the delivery of the jokes. It will make people laugh more than the content.

Remember that your audience will have a way of synchronizing your gestures with your words so as to make the best of your jokes. Gestures work best, especially where a line would require so many words to deliver.



Listen to Humorous People.

If you are serious about developing your “funny bony,” then you will have to listen to people that make you laugh. By so doing, you will pick up so much of their lines and make unique jokes out of them.

Get to know from them about the exact topics or people they like to ridicule and then use these as the basis of your humor, just ensuring you keep your style a little distinct from theirs. Never forget the good old saying about making a joke – ‘it’s all about how you tell em’. This means that even as you listen to the humor in others, have your own style as one joke may elicit different reactions depending on how it is told.



Mingle with Funny People.

It is a statement of fact that we become like those we mingle with. As we all know this to be true, find funny people and hang out with them more often. You will do yourself so much good when you avoid boring and negative people.

Mingling will ensure that even if you are not much good of a joker, you will seamlessly pick up some of their habits and in the end, you will naturally become funnier.




Read Humorous Materials

If you don’t already know it, written humor takes more skill than the spoken humor. Written humor is bereft of body movement, facial expression, atmosphere, and tone of voice.

When you take time to read funny materials, you will be staring at humor in its purest form. Study this kind of material and apply it.



Try out your Sense of Humor Regularly

If you perfect your skill on a daily basis, you will soon discover how best to make your audience laugh even more. Through trial and error—which you will make more in the beginning—you will learn what works and what doesn’t. For example, a younger audience might react differently than middle-aged homeowners to jokes about having your carpets replaced, versus jokes about college life, and so on.

As time progress, you will be able to refine your style and keep your audience laughing for a long time. You will get to learn what makes them tick and how best to tell it to them to get them on the edge of their seats.



With these 5 tips on how to be funnier, you will be creating better jokes when you perform in front of your friends and family.



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