Learning to laugh at yourself and your own story

We all know that it’s incredibly important to laugh. Having a good sense of humor is a valuable asset for any individual. Sense of humor make the days very easy, stress free and sometimes it makes work any easy to be done. So laugh at yourself and at your own story would be very effective for you. But how many of us can laugh at ourselves or laugh at our own story?

Learning to laugh at yourself and your own story is important indeed. A research has shown that laughing at own story is a sign of optimistic characteristic. If you are working on your personal development and resilience then you have to learn to laugh at yourself. It’s not like you can start laugh at yourself from now. It will take you some time to get accustomed with this habit. But try to enjoy yourself. First of all, know thyself. Know your strength, abilities and capabilities. Give yourself some time often. Don’t get lose by making yourself available all the time for other persons. Find a time for yourself, find a place with sheer solitude and talk to yourself.

If you look at the history, you will see the most successful people in world love to laugh. They love to laugh at themselves. If you want some illustration, just look over the google. See, how open they are and how optimistic and innocent they look while laughing. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jennifer Lawrence are fan of laughing at themselves. And now look at their career, portfolio. See, how great they have become in their life! Then why can’t you?

Don’t take anything too seriously. Specially when it comes about it, don’t take it seriously. You know yourself quite well. You know who you are. You know that you are not someone who is an utter serious person. So, just the good time flow. Bring some sense of humor and share it with people around you. If it is possible, try to come up with jokes. No matter how adult it is, try to come up with one. Whether you have a hysterical plumbing mishap to tell about, or something goofy one of your relatives always says, look for the humor in everyday situations. And then share it with your closest and nearest persons. Tell them your joke and don’t look at their face to see if they are laughing at your joke. You just laugh and then ask if they enjoy it. This is how life should be. This life should be tension free. Learning to laugh at your own story can be the perk of leading a happy life.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook is such a funny person. His sense of humor is second to none. He loves to laugh at himself, he is funny and he loves to laugh at his own stories. If you want to guess how funny he is, just try to remember one thing. You can POKE anyone using your facebook profile. Yes, you may have seen this profile but never really thought that Mark was the creator of that poke option. This is how it actually works. Try to learn at your own story, be funny and spread the love around the world.