Beat That Anxiety: How Comedians Overcome Nervousness To Be Funny

The most amazing and respected characteristic of any stand-up comedian or entertainers is their showcase of bravery and administration of fear-readiness to face the unknown and conceivably hostile audience all alone, with the risk of disappointment and fear of not interesting them, not being loved and being irritated. This is an instinctive and entirely crucial anxiety, which feels like it’s about one’s exceptional survival.

Obviously, not everybody needs to have the capacity to get up in front of an audience and do this as it is not the only important thing, yet wouldn’t it be extraordinary to have admittance to something to that potential measure of bravery in a critical situation of your life- to have the capacity to defeat your most essential feelings of dread, lessen the measure of anxiety you feel, and certainly having the confidence to do what you really need to do in your life, instead of being limited or crippled by fear?

So here are few tips to how you can overcome your nervousness and anxiety and become a better stand-up comedian.

1) Conquer the stage

There’s no genuine easy route for conquering nervousness as getting over stage fear just comes with experience. The more you’re in front of an audience, the less apprehensive you get. You can get settled with complete quiet (when neither you nor the gathering of people is talking), and you’ll be well on your way.

2) Relax and deep breathe

You may consider relaxing for five minutes before getting in front of an audience. Concentrating on taking full breaths pacifies the adrenaline and stills your psyche. Envisioning your performance in your brain in conjunction with breathing, as long as can stay positive.

3) Use mood shifters

An expert comic once said in an interview that he utilizes liquor as his support and he has been using it for more than a decade. He specified that the initial few times he did stand-up comedy, he was calm and wasn’t amusing. So he began drinking (in very small amount) and he felt quieter and got the zest. He said, numerous other experts, he knows use liquor to get a decent perspective before getting in front of an audience. This tip is not advisable but you may want to give it a second thought. You may also consider drinking stress-busting and nerve-calming teas. Whatever you consider, care for your health too!

4) Focus, Focus, Focus!

Set up core focus for your job. What does core focus mean? It means giving full attention to whatever you are doing. This will depend on upon what sort of performance you’re occupied with. Make sure you don’t focus on yourself or your anxiety. This is the reason why it’s so crucial and useful to develop a cool and accepting attitude towards your anxiety. Take few measures to calm yourself down and resume your focus on your task.

5) Harvest nervous energy into positivity.

You should know that being nervous isn’t bad at all, but what you do with that is all that matters. If you start perceiving your anxiety as a warm-up before your performance, you are more likely to give a better performance. Also, don’t anticipate about how your performance will turn out to be, audience’s opinions and blah-blahs. You are a comedian, you are here to present the ironical and funny part of life and world. Hence, do your task well and don’t worry about opinions.

Tickling people’s funny bone is an art and every comedian is an artist. So consider all these tips to own your show. After all, comedy is all about acting out Optimism!


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