Knowing and Appealing to Your Audience

Knowing and Appealing to Your Audience as a Comedian


If you are comedian connecting with the audience is one of the most powerful assets and also top skills that every comedian in the comedy world should have. Humor is also essential for any presentation, and when your audience laughs, it means that they have connected and aligned with you. However knowing and appealing to your audience is not an easy task and requires you to have an understanding of the following factors which are crucial.

1. Know your audience

If you are an aspiring comedian one important fact that you should be aware is that each joke has it rightful audience and knowing your demographic is the key to understanding what they want and need to hear from your content. For instance the youths are much different from the old or even children, a joke intended for children may not your youthful or aged laugh but instead, it will only make you feel awkward in front of your audience, the vice versa is also true.

2. Use humor

Every comedian uses humor, and when it is used, humor enlightens your audience moods and makes them feel more relaxed and will laugh out loud at your hilarious jokes. However, it is important to know that you should not force the humor out of you but rather should come out naturally and you will find yourself connecting well with your audience.

3. Tell funny stories

Even the greatest comedians of all times make their shows captivating and more attractive through storytelling. You could make up a funny story or relate your past events and come up with a good story that will make your audience laugh. However, it is important that you narrate the story in such a manner that will make your audience rather than make them feel emotional.

4. Capture your audience attention right away

Ever noticed that the most renowned comedians tell a joke during the first 30-seconds they enter the comedy stage? If you did not, now you know, and they do this to get the people’s attention right away. They understand that if you if you capture your audience attention, the people will carefully listen to your jokes and will laugh even if you somehow sound vague. To get the people wanting to hear more of your jokes, you should end your given session with a closing joke just as you did with the opening joke. By doing this, you are guaranteed of the best spot in the comedy world.

5. Be yourself and slow down

What makes a great comedian is his/her uniqueness. Do not try to fit in other great comedian’s shoes as this will only embarrass you terribly. Trust in yourself, and your audience will relate to your hilarious jokes.

Also, to make your presentation exciting and funny, – it is important that you talk slower. This is important because your audience cannot laugh if they cannot keep up with your talking pace. You should give a pause after saying something that you think it is funny, and this will highlight your punchline.


In summary, if being a great comedian has always been your dream, you can make this dream come true, the above are some of the factors that you should consider to ensure that you connect with your audience.


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