Learning to laugh at yourself and your own story

We all know that it’s incredibly important to laugh. Having a good sense of humor is a valuable asset for any individual. Sense of humor make the days very easy, stress free and sometimes it makes work any easy to be done. So laugh at yourself and at your own story would be very effective for you. But how many of us can laugh at ourselves or laugh at our own story?

Learning to laugh at yourself and your own story is important indeed. A research has shown that laughing at own story is a sign of optimistic characteristic. If you are working on your personal development and resilience then you have to learn to laugh at yourself. It’s not like you can start laugh at yourself from now. It will take you some time to get accustomed with this habit. But try to enjoy yourself. First of all, know thyself. Know your strength, abilities and capabilities. Give yourself some time often. Don’t get lose by making yourself available all the time for other persons. Find a time for yourself, find a place with sheer solitude and talk to yourself.

If you look at the history, you will see the most successful people in world love to laugh. They love to laugh at themselves. If you want some illustration, just look over the google. See, how open they are and how optimistic and innocent they look while laughing. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jennifer Lawrence are fan of laughing at themselves. And now look at their career, portfolio. See, how great they have become in their life! Then why can’t you?

Don’t take anything too seriously. Specially when it comes about it, don’t take it seriously. You know yourself quite well. You know who you are. You know that you are not someone who is an utter serious person. So, just the good time flow. Bring some sense of humor and share it with people around you. If it is possible, try to come up with jokes. No matter how adult it is, try to come up with one. Whether you have a hysterical plumbing mishap to tell about, or something goofy one of your relatives always says, look for the humor in everyday situations. And then share it with your closest and nearest persons. Tell them your joke and don’t look at their face to see if they are laughing at your joke. You just laugh and then ask if they enjoy it. This is how life should be. This life should be tension free. Learning to laugh at your own story can be the perk of leading a happy life.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook is such a funny person. His sense of humor is second to none. He loves to laugh at himself, he is funny and he loves to laugh at his own stories. If you want to guess how funny he is, just try to remember one thing. You can POKE anyone using your facebook profile. Yes, you may have seen this profile but never really thought that Mark was the creator of that poke option. This is how it actually works. Try to learn at your own story, be funny and spread the love around the world.

Knowing and Appealing to Your Audience

Knowing and Appealing to Your Audience as a Comedian


If you are comedian connecting with the audience is one of the most powerful assets and also top skills that every comedian in the comedy world should have. Humor is also essential for any presentation, and when your audience laughs, it means that they have connected and aligned with you. However knowing and appealing to your audience is not an easy task and requires you to have an understanding of the following factors which are crucial.

1. Know your audience

If you are an aspiring comedian one important fact that you should be aware is that each joke has it rightful audience and knowing your demographic is the key to understanding what they want and need to hear from your content. For instance the youths are much different from the old or even children, a joke intended for children may not your youthful or aged laugh but instead, it will only make you feel awkward in front of your audience, the vice versa is also true.

2. Use humor

Every comedian uses humor, and when it is used, humor enlightens your audience moods and makes them feel more relaxed and will laugh out loud at your hilarious jokes. However, it is important to know that you should not force the humor out of you but rather should come out naturally and you will find yourself connecting well with your audience.

3. Tell funny stories

Even the greatest comedians of all times make their shows captivating and more attractive through storytelling. You could make up a funny story or relate your past events and come up with a good story that will make your audience laugh. However, it is important that you narrate the story in such a manner that will make your audience rather than make them feel emotional.

4. Capture your audience attention right away

Ever noticed that the most renowned comedians tell a joke during the first 30-seconds they enter the comedy stage? If you did not, now you know, and they do this to get the people’s attention right away. They understand that if you if you capture your audience attention, the people will carefully listen to your jokes and will laugh even if you somehow sound vague. To get the people wanting to hear more of your jokes, you should end your given session with a closing joke just as you did with the opening joke. By doing this, you are guaranteed of the best spot in the comedy world.

5. Be yourself and slow down

What makes a great comedian is his/her uniqueness. Do not try to fit in other great comedian’s shoes as this will only embarrass you terribly. Trust in yourself, and your audience will relate to your hilarious jokes.

Also, to make your presentation exciting and funny, – it is important that you talk slower. This is important because your audience cannot laugh if they cannot keep up with your talking pace. You should give a pause after saying something that you think it is funny, and this will highlight your punchline.


In summary, if being a great comedian has always been your dream, you can make this dream come true, the above are some of the factors that you should consider to ensure that you connect with your audience.


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4 Killer Mantras to Improve Your Comedic Timing!

Is it possible to develop great comedic timing with practice? Well, let’s find out. Most people in the industry would have you believe that comedy and specifically comedic timing is something people are born with. But, if you are looking for ways to improve your comedic timing, you probably already have what it takes to be a great comedian.

However, like all jewels found in the dirt, your craft needs to be honed, polished and developed with the right tips, strategies and a considerable amount of hard work. If you’ve always wanted to be a great comedian, you are perhaps prepared to put in those hours. Aren’t you? If not, you should be. Nothing worthwhile is achieved in a day!

So let’s get started. Here are some of the best ways to develop comedic timing:

1. Build your inner comedian: Every experience that you have on regular days must pass through your comic ‘radar’ which tries to find or build comedy into these situations. Note down the ones you feel have potential and work on them. Another great way to build yourself into a great comedian is to study famous comedians in your genre. Try to gauge their delivery style, pace and expressions. Also, please remember that you cannot ape somebody’s style and expect to be successful. You must only imbibe the few methods of delivery that suit your own style particularly well. You need to have your own unique personality as a comedian and this can only be achieved if you get rid of all your life’s struggles, fears, and hesitations once you start delivering. Be bold, be upfront and just be you.

2. Understand your audience: The importance of knowing your audience cannot be overstated. Your audience is the only people who decide if you are entertaining or not. There are no critics or panels to gauge your success. The instant feedback that you get from your audience in terms of their laughter should be your only parameter for success. In order to really tickle an audience, it is important that you know what age group they belong to, what are their hopes, dreams, and struggles and be aware their lives in general. Jokes that may appeal to a young audience may not appeal as much to older people. At the same time jokes that computer professionals will laugh really hard at, may not even be understood by an audience of housewives.

3. Be original: Stay far away from cliche topics that make for everyday jokes. They will always come across as mundane and elicit a subdued response. Don’t deliver jokes that are expected, it’s the unexpected that will catapult you into greatness. Venture into areas that have rarely been touched before. Surprise your audience in a delightful way and without a doubt, you’ll be surprised by the applause.

4. Good Script + Good Performance = Success: Yes, that’s right, first, know your audience well, then get your script right and finally get your performance right! Always keep your script on-topic and build it around a theme. That makes for a good performance. Also, get your performance spot-on. The only way to do that is to practice. Practice your delivery day in and day out, in one style and then in another and another and another. Practice makes perfect.

If the thought of immense hard work and practice scares you, you are probably better off pursuing another career but if it excites you, then you are ready. Go on, tickle the world!


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Master These 5 Tips on How to be Funnier

Trying to make people laugh is not an easy task, let alone making a living out of it. Stand up comedians are always seeking for ways to perfect their craft. For people who decide to take standup comedy as a profession, they usually find themselves in front of tough crowds and have a question:“how do I make my comedy material funnier?”

This article offers 5 tips on how to be funnier.



Deliver Jokes in Funny Gesture


Whenever you make jokes, remember to deliver them in a funny gesture. If you say jokes like you are reading them, then expect only a few people to laugh. The main punch will always be the delivery of the jokes. It will make people laugh more than the content.

Remember that your audience will have a way of synchronizing your gestures with your words so as to make the best of your jokes. Gestures work best, especially where a line would require so many words to deliver.



Listen to Humorous People.

If you are serious about developing your “funny bony,” then you will have to listen to people that make you laugh. By so doing, you will pick up so much of their lines and make unique jokes out of them.

Get to know from them about the exact topics or people they like to ridicule and then use these as the basis of your humor, just ensuring you keep your style a little distinct from theirs. Never forget the good old saying about making a joke – ‘it’s all about how you tell em’. This means that even as you listen to the humor in others, have your own style as one joke may elicit different reactions depending on how it is told.



Mingle with Funny People.

It is a statement of fact that we become like those we mingle with. As we all know this to be true, find funny people and hang out with them more often. You will do yourself so much good when you avoid boring and negative people.

Mingling will ensure that even if you are not much good of a joker, you will seamlessly pick up some of their habits and in the end, you will naturally become funnier.




Read Humorous Materials

If you don’t already know it, written humor takes more skill than the spoken humor. Written humor is bereft of body movement, facial expression, atmosphere, and tone of voice.

When you take time to read funny materials, you will be staring at humor in its purest form. Study this kind of material and apply it.



Try out your Sense of Humor Regularly

If you perfect your skill on a daily basis, you will soon discover how best to make your audience laugh even more. Through trial and error—which you will make more in the beginning—you will learn what works and what doesn’t. For example, a younger audience might react differently than middle-aged homeowners to jokes about having your carpets replaced, versus jokes about college life, and so on.

As time progress, you will be able to refine your style and keep your audience laughing for a long time. You will get to learn what makes them tick and how best to tell it to them to get them on the edge of their seats.



With these 5 tips on how to be funnier, you will be creating better jokes when you perform in front of your friends and family.



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Beat That Anxiety: How Comedians Overcome Nervousness To Be Funny

The most amazing and respected characteristic of any stand-up comedian or entertainers is their showcase of bravery and administration of fear-readiness to face the unknown and conceivably hostile audience all alone, with the risk of disappointment and fear of not interesting them, not being loved and being irritated. This is an instinctive and entirely crucial anxiety, which feels like it’s about one’s exceptional survival.

Obviously, not everybody needs to have the capacity to get up in front of an audience and do this as it is not the only important thing, yet wouldn’t it be extraordinary to have admittance to something to that potential measure of bravery in a critical situation of your life- to have the capacity to defeat your most essential feelings of dread, lessen the measure of anxiety you feel, and certainly having the confidence to do what you really need to do in your life, instead of being limited or crippled by fear?

So here are few tips to how you can overcome your nervousness and anxiety and become a better stand-up comedian.

1) Conquer the stage

There’s no genuine easy route for conquering nervousness as getting over stage fear just comes with experience. The more you’re in front of an audience, the less apprehensive you get. You can get settled with complete quiet (when neither you nor the gathering of people is talking), and you’ll be well on your way.

2) Relax and deep breathe

You may consider relaxing for five minutes before getting in front of an audience. Concentrating on taking full breaths pacifies the adrenaline and stills your psyche. Envisioning your performance in your brain in conjunction with breathing, as long as can stay positive.

3) Use mood shifters

An expert comic once said in an interview that he utilizes liquor as his support and he has been using it for more than a decade. He specified that the initial few times he did stand-up comedy, he was calm and wasn’t amusing. So he began drinking (in very small amount) and he felt quieter and got the zest. He said, numerous other experts, he knows use liquor to get a decent perspective before getting in front of an audience. This tip is not advisable but you may want to give it a second thought. You may also consider drinking stress-busting and nerve-calming teas. Whatever you consider, care for your health too!

4) Focus, Focus, Focus!

Set up core focus for your job. What does core focus mean? It means giving full attention to whatever you are doing. This will depend on upon what sort of performance you’re occupied with. Make sure you don’t focus on yourself or your anxiety. This is the reason why it’s so crucial and useful to develop a cool and accepting attitude towards your anxiety. Take few measures to calm yourself down and resume your focus on your task.

5) Harvest nervous energy into positivity.

You should know that being nervous isn’t bad at all, but what you do with that is all that matters. If you start perceiving your anxiety as a warm-up before your performance, you are more likely to give a better performance. Also, don’t anticipate about how your performance will turn out to be, audience’s opinions and blah-blahs. You are a comedian, you are here to present the ironical and funny part of life and world. Hence, do your task well and don’t worry about opinions.

Tickling people’s funny bone is an art and every comedian is an artist. So consider all these tips to own your show. After all, comedy is all about acting out Optimism!


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Instantly Funnier

We all want to possess that seemingly magical ability to make people laugh. Men and women alike, we all want to be funny. In the coming weeks we’ll go into why this is true, the real value in humor, and how to infuse your daily interactions with a great sense of humor.

The video below contains some great advice that you can start using right away. Check it out!